Gridfailure Premieres Grippingly Unsettling New Industrial/ Noise Track — Listen Here!

It doesn’t take a lot to notice the tatters in which many parts of society have been left lately. The U.S. in particular has been dealing with crisis upon crisis, sparking deep concern about the future of the country in both the short and long term. The New York-based experimental metal project Gridfailure is here to soundtrack at least some of humanity’s confrontation with the looming abyss. On June 5th, they’re dropping their new album Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery II (which is the second of a five album-long concept series), and you can get a first listen below to the new record’s heavy ambiance-setting track “Debris Signature.”

The track feels heavily weighted down by an atmosphere of swirling, sonically-expressed oppression. Audio samples of a raging thunderstorm feature prominently, and other elements include electric guitar spurts that emerge as the track proceeds and ominously hang in the mix like the sonic encapsulation of erratic spurts of physical pain. It’s like the soundtrack to moments after the most raging parts of a crisis have unfolded and surveying the wreckage is essentially all that’s left.

“The storm hit in the middle of the night while your family and neighbors slept; it took everything,” project mastermind David Brenner explains of the conceptual set-up for the track. “Standing in the aftermath of this, the third ‘Five-Hundred-Year Storm’ of this year, you’re left bewildered and alone in endless darkness only permeated by sparks falling from the decimated power lines. The debris signature is massive; the true horror of this catastrophe is becoming more apparent by the second.”

He adds: “This is one of the breather tracks, bridging two of the most explosive or driving songs of the album. It was born from a recording of a brutal storm I captured open-air directly in my home studio, infused with an ambient jam with Pete Tsakiris on guitar and myself providing some minimalist vocals, bass, and powerelectronics. Some further ominous guitars from Lane Oliver (of Feel Happiness and Yatsu) and morose accordion from Benjamin Levitt (of Metalophobe and Gridfailure’s live set-up) came into the mix, and the hanging tension aura became the perfect movement to bridge ‘Wish To Disinvent’ and ‘Beyond Containment.'”

Brenner’s latest album was recorded in his own studio and mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee. Physical copies of the record are slated to emerge soon. It’s releasing via Nefarious Industries.

Sink into the ominous atmosphere of “Debris Signature” below (and click through to pre-order the full record and check out more!):