NYC’s Pique Premiere Intense New Screamo Track From Upcoming Comp — Listen Here!

In a time of social crisis like the United States has faced throughout the early parts of 2020, keeping DIY music accessible seems even more important. It’s a space where people who may be marginalized elsewhere can come to work through their relationships to the forces coursing through their lives. The NYC-area screamo group Pique celebrate this DIY music ethos on their new track “My DIY is Not Their DIY,” which is a dig at people who act like gatekeepers of the DIY heavy music community and appears on an upcoming compilation called NYsCream, which features half a dozen NYC-area screamo groups. Get a first listen below to Pique’s contribution!

The new Pique track features a math rock-style intricacy that helps rope listeners in. In the opening segments, the band perform with a razor-edged ferocity, which leads into a comparatively brief foray into more soulful, directly emotionally-weighted performance. The track then crescendos into repeating bursts of fierce, caustic melody, and the experience of these latter segments of the song really drives in a feeling of intense sincerity behind the experience. There’s an elevating, forward-moving force running through the song — the band have got a lot of readily evident energy, and it’s great.

Other bands that will feature alongside Pique on the compilation include Chiming, Aspine, Lytic, armywives, and Aspartame, and the record will stream in full and be available for purchase on physical formats on July 1st.

One of the people behind the record explains: “This 6-band compilation was thought of by me, Larry, the owner of Larry Records. I am from New York, and this is my love letter to NYC screamo. There will be 60 cassettes, a zine, and 20 10-inch lathes, all available on July 1st! This is a co-release with the new label Limited to One Records, which also doubles as an amazing record store in NYC.”

Without further ado — check out “My DIY is Not Their DIY” below! Considering the current absence of shows, it might be nice to close one’s eyes and imagine hearing it live. Follow the Larry Records Bandcamp page — available at this link — to soon catch the full record. NYC’s Limited to One Record Store in the East Village will be co-releasing the album.