Zealand The North Premiere Richly Triumphant Post-Rock From New LP — Listen Here!

The Austin, Texas-based post-rock group Zealand the North have crafted a richly immersive and ultimately triumphant-feeling journey on their new album called Brightness of an Endless Light, which is slated for release on June 19th. Texturally and structurally speaking, the music feels just familiar enough to seem immediately inviting. The band have expanded some of the familiar territory of post-rock, including lushly extended guitar-driven melodies, into a startlingly expansive journey. Get a first listen below to the latest single from the new album, which is called “Healing” and closes the record.

The song feels aptly titled, considering the sense that the band have sonically captured some kind of cathartic emotional breakthrough. The richly textured, warm music gradually builds into startlingly powerful crescendos that close out the song in the last minute and a half or so.

There’s a steadily strummed, pensive guitar melody that opens the song and runs through much of its runtime, and the band add invitingly immersive texture atop this foundation of the poignantly centered melody. Around the one minute mark, for instance, a steadily progressing but dynamically shifting drum rhythm comes in, and this segment and the other elements lead into the triumph of the song’s crescendo. The melodies at the core of the song remain contemplatively self-reflective, but the band suddenly get a whole lot louder, as if they’re soundtracking a moment of cracking through a cover of clouds and arriving in some new world. The energy feels magnificent.

The band’s previous music includes a 2018 EP called Modern Prophecy, and they identify themselves as for fans of groups including Circa Survive, This Will Destroy You, Deftones, and Tides of Man.

Nab pre-orders for the full album at this link.

Photo thanks to Jon-Carlo Diaz

Check out the new song below!