Burden Limbs Share Immersive New Experimental Remix From Gnoomes — Listen Here!

The U.K.’s Burden Limbs are releasing Surgery — a collection of remixes of their work — on Oct. 23 via the U.K.-based Glasshouse Records. The remixes are the creations of artists including Teeth of The Sea’s Mike Bourne, Ilia Gorovitz (who is formerly of HYNOM), Metalogue, and Gnoomes.

Get a first listen below to the Gnoomes remix of the work of Burden Limbs!

Burden Limbs perform haunting, angular rock — but on Bandcamp, the most recent pre-Surgery release from the Perm, Russia-based Gnoomes features tags like dreampop and “stargaze.” Gnoomes have turned stems from the music of Burden Limbs into a somewhat esoteric-feeling and subtly enlivening journey through a metaphorical starry night. The Gnoomes remix hinges on glistening electronica rhythms that move through vibrantly persistent dance beats and simmering ambiance. There’s a broad breadth to the remix, but there’s also a kind of peace in it, like floating through some neon-colored crack in reality’s fabric.

The remix begins with a very warm and steady beat alongside a slight whir, like wind coursing through a field. Gnoomes subsequently launch into a more vivacious component, in which their foundation of formidable synth tones carries a real kick, as if the track captures the feeling of a slow, soulful dance on a dimly lit and not-too-packed dance floor. There’s a real smoothness in the track’s experience; it definitely doesn’t carry any rock-style abrasion, and the more energetic dance-oriented elements of the sound don’t feel overwhelming. Instead, the song feels somewhat laid back, although not lackadaisical. It’s a smooth and organic flow, like a bubbling brook moving down the side of rocky crag.

The latter half of the song kicks off with a segment of smoky ambiance before the finale, when Gnoomes wheel out an invitingly sultry bassline. It’s an enriching listen, and the track feels like it pushes some of the confrontation of the original Burden Limbs music into more outward-facing territory.

“The remix collection is intended to give greater focus to the sonic polygonality of our music,” Chad Murray from Burden Limbs shares. “We have six great musicians and a fantastic producer working together to make a well-polished, unholy racket. However, there are very melodic and simple songs at the heart of this, and there are many beautiful layers that will only be appreciated on repeated listening. To have this collection will allow an easy vehicle for those not familiar with our music to hear it in a more welcoming context, but also allow people to appreciate these layers of our sound that might otherwise be missed.”

Pre-order Surgery from Glasshouse Records at this link.

Check out the Gnoomes remix below! (Please refresh and/or wait a moment if there’s an issue with displaying the track.)