The God Awful Truth Premiere Ripping New Heavy Mathcore Single — Listen Here!

The roaring Texas mathcore group known as The God Awful Truth sound awesome. They’re dropping their shudderingly heavy new record Memory Palace on Oct. 23 via Dark Trail Records (who have CD copies available for purchase). Get a first listen below to the group’s latest single, “Abbott Is Death Process.”

“Abbott Is Death Process” sounds marvelously unhinged. The song begins with erratic blasts of percussive riffing that sound like crashing into a wall with each hit. As the song unfurls its grueling and vicious yet electrified and spastic energy, there’s a feeling like crumpling to the floor and then suddenly leaping up again over and over, as if the song soundtracks a wildly careening dance party. It’s both cathartic and invigorating — the incessantly spiraling rhythms deliver simultaneous feelings of ominous mental strain and invigorating mental release. Listening feels like rushing headfirst into a churning storm cloud pockmarked by neon-colored lightning strikes.

After about 45 seconds, the song sounds slightly more breathable but no less seething, with a kind of demented jazz metal approach taking over. As The God Awful Truth rush towards the song’s conclusion, the energy picks up, as if they’ve passed through the eye of a hurricane and are now taking on the thundering onslaught of its other side.

There’s a sort of musical chemical burn feeling that courses through the song and helps hold the experience together. The riffs and drum blasts sound like they’ve been drenched in acid that’s subsequently getting frantically slung outwards, and the consistently rather speedy tempo across the song makes for a helluva lot of opportunities to really feel the song’s gears grinding. The song sounds totally frenzied, but the track never goes totally off the tracks — it’s a slightly more focused onslaught full of glistening, zany rhythms.

“Abbott Is Death Process” is one of those songs that really captures the sweat-soaked energy of a DIY heavy music show in some side-alley bar or club. Coming off a months-long wave of show cancellations, who couldn’t use a boost?

Pre-order Memory Palace by The God Awful Truth at this link.

Listen to the song below! (Please try refreshing and/or waiting a moment if there’s an issue with displaying the track.)