Espinoza Espinoza Premieres Striking New Avant-Garde Electronics Track — Listen Here!

The Barcelona-based, avant-garde electronics project Espinoza Espinoza will be releasing a new album entitled Cactaceae on August 2 through the label Formes Diverses de Vida. Staggeringly, this new record contains 100 individual tracks and a grand total of 24 hours of music. Press material identifies the album as underpinned by “the sole intention of making songs so that they exist as mere songs, without the integrated will to make a conceptual or an otherwise unitary album.”

Get a first listen below to the project’s captivating new single, “Trichocereus pasacana”!

The track largely seems rather trance-like, with briskly repeating tones that carry a metallic sheen. The track’s rhythms are consistent, yet unsettling, as though sonically communicating a confrontation with an inexplicable sense of menace. Collapsing to the floor in an abandoned, decaying building like the one depicted on the cover art for Cactaceae; suffering under the weight of inner noise, even as the surroundings remain ominously quiet, as though they’re watching what is unfolding — those are the vibes here.

Even though the structure seems straightforwardly accessible, the essentially constant movement across this track’s runtime and the shimmer that outwardly expands the beats’ impacts enact a feeling of profound unease. The music is somewhat crisply produced — the beats are sharply defined, and the rhythms are pointed — but even still, a churning sense of dread remains.

Ultimately, the sound seems to drag out anxiety to an excruciating degree — the tones themselves prove jarring, like the lifeless, shiver-inducing coldness of a sheet of metal. It’s not exactly a lively display, but there is somewhat of a dance-like feeling, especially as the full dynamic breadth becomes clear. It’s just more like an exhausted “dance” on a shadowy, isolated hillside than some kind of jubilance.

Check out Espinoza Espinoza on Bandcamp at this link.

Check out “Trichocereus pasacana” below!