Mark Solotroff Premieres Striking New Ambient/ Noise Track & Video — Listen/ Watch Here!

Mark Solotroff, a multi-talented noise and electronics musician who’s been involved with a broad array of projects throughout his creative career, is releasing a new solo album on July 30, entitled Not Everybody Makes It.

Below, get a first listen to “Charged Matter (The Problem From The Inside),” a new single from the record!

The song feels like a meditation on solitude amid noise — or at least the sense of such a thing, since dissociative unease proves readily apparent in the sound. The ominous track comes with a video that Solotroff put together, and the imagery that he’s provided supports this idea. The video, in which images have been altered and presented in a grayscale color palette but remain recognizable, follows a journey through city streets, and there’s an impression of feeling alone, or perhaps weighed down, even as signs of activity continue on largely unabated — and largely uncaring for the people living within their wakes.

A cityscape stands as a monument to something — but that “something” is not always the people who move within it. Suddenly confronting an expanse of bustling inhumanity can prove jarring. Teeming, subtly piercing tones extend across this track’s runtime, and the sonic whir ends up sporting a somewhat metallic edge. This trek proceeds under the inward weight of the dynamically shimmering tones, which suggest unrest.

The fog is never quite overpowering — instead, Solotroff focuses upon emotional states, as through chronicling a mix of anxiety and mourning. There’s space to immerse within the morose sounds that Solotroff presents. The track gets cinematic via its drawn out tones, and it moves forward, but this movement proceeds slowly and contemplatively — it’s quietly surreal.

“This is the first video that I’ve ever made and I think it accurately matches the immensely lonely mood of the song,” Solotroff shares, discussing the track. “Building upon the mapping exercises and iconography that I’ve included in my work over the last few years, the path followed in this video depicts prominent streets and bridges near my building, which I’ve spent a great deal of time on, particularly during the past year, or so. Cars and people move at unnaturally slow speeds, mirroring the pace of the song and advancing the underlying sense of isolation introduced by the music.”

Pre-order Not Everybody Makes It from Solotroff at this link.

Check out “Charged Matter (The Problem From The Inside)” below!