Transatlantic Alliance Premiere New Track Of Elevating Post-Rock — Listen Here!

On their ascendant new single “Gossamer Webs,” the post-rock duo Transatlantic Alliance — which, as their name suggests, consists of members from London and Los Angeles — musically depict a journey of what sounds like inexplicably levitating into the clouds, with a rejuvenating inward sense of purpose. The song is expansive and coated in brightly shimmering atmosphere, and the rhythms prove strong, lending the trek a feeling of clarity.

“Gossamer Webs” appears on the upcoming self-titled, full-length album from Transatlantic Alliance, which should be available via Post. Recordings in the near future. Get a first listen to the new track below!

Broadly speaking, “Gossamer Webs” seems invitingly open. The sometimes hypnotically repetitious rhythms have a sense of breath to them, as though a forest itself has begun to somehow visibly breathe, and the tones (while sometimes formidable) are lush, as though walking through a field of flowers. There’s a feeling of poignant richness in the sound.

On this single, the duo use a welcomingly familiar template of building to an emotional crescendo, but there’s a sense of venturing through an array of scenarios up to that point. After opening, in part, with truly glimmering guitar tones proceeding at a meditative pace, the track gradually intensifies, unfurling a hefty bassline amid that overlay of atmosphere — but the song then swiftly gets lighter. The whole time, it’s smooth — there’s not so much any kind of overt tension here as there is clear-eyed determination.

Eventually, the song begins to build up again, with forceful drums among the elements that kick back in, and the breadth of the sound suggests communal or even choral energy. The overall steadiness of “Gossamer Webs” evokes a feeling of peace — rather than focusing upon the tension of suddenly rising from the ground in that metaphorical levitation scenario suggested by the song, there’s a focus on the path ahead.

Overall, the track is simply relatively mesmerizing — tone-wise, the whole thing seems to shine with entrancing energy. It’s interestingly grounded throughout the whole endeavor thanks to the impactfulness of the song’s guiding rhythms.

Transatlantic Alliance involves the artists Deer Park Ranger and rhubiqs. Find Transatlantic Alliance on Bandcamp at this link.

Listen to “Gossamer Webs” below! (If there’s an issue with displaying the song, please refresh the page and/ or wait a moment.)