Lord Almighty Deliver Lively Rock-Infused Black Metal On New Single — Listen Here!

The hard-hitting Boston group Lord Almighty will be delivering their latest album, Wither, on October 18. The band combines the majestic ferocity of familiarly bone-rattling black metal with a kind of rock ‘n roll sensibility via fierce blasts of riffing that wouldn’t feel out of place coming off a huge outdoor rock festival stage. Lord Almighty have interwoven these elements to craft a particularly enlivening musical beast. Get a first listen below to their new single “Hour by Hour”!

Broadly, Lord Almighty’s sound seems to fit somewhat in with what’s been called “black ‘n roll” elsewhere. The opening segment of “Hour by Hour” feels triumphant yet heavy, as if it’s capturing the sounds of some beast rising out of the earth whose arrival is awe-inspiring but whose presence may entail trouble for those in the creature’s vicinity. The sound feels bold, yet it’s not chaotic — the swinging guitar riffs and lumbering drum rhythms build up into a break-out into some real intense energy just before the one-minute mark. Shortly after, blast beats kick into gear, and the guitar riffing itself feels like it’s packing a similar volley of fiery ferocity, as if that metaphorical beast has broken out into a run.

Around the two-minute mark, there’s a brief foray into some truly solo-worthy heavy metal riffing, after which Lord Almighty dive back into temporarily more restrained yet no less ferocious performances that feel like they’re somehow dredging the bottom of a huge bog. The closing segment of the song feels perfect — the blast beats fade away, and the main bulk of the song turns towards a lush power. It’s emotionally moving, and it seems to capture a personal perspective of the grandiosity.

Lord Almighty have explained the following: “Wither is an album that really was written over a few years. There were plenty of experiences along the way that continued our descent into madness. It was a hazy time looking through smoke and double vision. Conceptually we had a lot of different emotions and life experiences that culminated to what you hear. If you listen hard enough, you might even hear the crackle of the fire in our building where we lived or the cops pounding on the doors. Or maybe even the dreams in which we envisioned when we found ourselves without homes.”

Album art is by Adam O’Day. Digital pre-orders for Wither are available via Lord Almighty’s Bandcamp page — find that at this link. Vinyl pre-orders are available on the band’s website, which is over at this link.

Listen to “Hour by Hour” below!